End Foreign Wars

Stop fighting wars based on lies

For over 100 years the government has lied to the American people to justify their wars. Even when the lies are revealed, American troops remain stationed all over the world, a bullying empire protecting private economic interests under the veil of “spreading democracy.” America’s policy of violent intervention must end.

Stop spending untold trillions of dollars

U.S. agencies spend trillions to build new weapons, create new wars, groom future terrorists, and impose sanctions on civilians. Playing global cowboy-policeman makes us less safe, has bankrupted the country, and killed millions of people around the world.

Bring home the troops – and the drones

Our soldiers, sailors, and airmen are overwhelmingly good people who were lied to about what the military does. They are pawns in a deadly game. I celebrate anyone who signed up to fight for freedom and protect our country, but America’s military no longer serves those ideals. 

Reduce veteran suicides

At least 22 Veterans die by suicide every day. More overdose on addictive opiates first prescribed to them by the VA (almost none have access to medical marijuana, which reduces both opiate use and suicide risk). Nearly half have untreated trauma. Two-thirds are anti-war.  Our government used these individuals as pawns and we have responsibilities to help reintegrate them into our communities.