Stop Fiscal Irresponsibility

Repeal the 16th Amendment to the United States Constitution

In a free country there should not be a means for the government to take every dime of a person’s labor. There is no limit written into the wording of the 16th Amendment that limits what rate the government can set for an income tax and at one time the highest rate was 90 percent. This is unconscionable. This slave tax has no place in a country that is supposed to be “the land of the free.”  For more than 200 years the United States prospered without an income tax and can do so once again. As President, I will send legislation to Congress to repeal the 16th Amendment and reign in government spending for unconstitutional federal programs.

Cut Government Spending

The key to cutting government spending begins with the ending of foreign wars and bringing the troops home. We can then move to dismantling federal agencies that do not fall within constitutional limits of the scope and authority of the executive branch: DEA, IRS, TSA, DOT, DOE, and EPA. These cuts will help to empower states and individuals to regain responsibility for areas in which the federal government has overreached. 

Slash the Federal Debt

The $22 Trillion debt is a ticking time bomb. In the next decade, interest payments on the debt will be our largest budget item, outpacing even runaway military spending. Hard choices will need to be made. No cosmetic cuts or targeted reductions can address the scope of the problem; our unfunded liabilities are out of control. Whole programs, especially historically ineffective and wasteful ones, will need to be cut. Ultimately, we’ll need to stabilize federal debt below 60 percent of GDP and reduce spending to below 25 percent of GDP. The process will not be easy, but the costs of avoiding the issue could derail our economy.