Stop Economic Punishment

Break down institutional barriers to work, wealth creation, education, healthcare, and housing:

Established businesses often lobby government to require special licenses, certifications, or permits before new competitors can enter the market. This creates major upfront costs and barriers for people who want to start businesses, hire people, and create new sources of wealth. Regulations are used to lock in profits for the few and exclude innovators and start-ups.

Doctors with an out-of-state license, a barber who didn’t take 10,000 hours of training, a shade-tree mechanic – our economy needs them all.  Let’s stop lobbyists from making it harder and more expensive for people to earn a living.

Smash the Healthcare Cartel

Healthcare is a government-protected cartel, selling care and delivering despair. Big pharmaceutical companies, insurers, hospital chains, lobbyists, federal regulators, corporate profiteers, it’s a revolving door of exactly the same people. The American Medical Association does not protect you – it protects doctors. The FDA does not protect you – it protects pharma profits. The ACA didn’t make insurance more affordable, it raised premiums and deductibles for almost everyone.

Forget what politicians SAID would happen. Look at what ACTUALLY happened. You got screwed. Your options disappeared. The cartel profited. Rinse. Repeat. They don’t work for you.

It’s time to open up consumer choices in health care, and bust up the monied oligarchy that’s been using government to keep you dependent. 

Shrink institutional schooling: give parents more control over how kids learn and grow

Fifty years of federal control and failing schools is enough. We spend more per student every year, but government-run schools continue to fail the poor and communities of color. Politicians and public school teachers send their own kids to private schools while poor parents are literally jailed for sending their kids to a better school than their zip code allows.

Equal educational opportunity in America must include giving parents and teachers more control over how students learn.  I will use the Presidency to lift restrictions that trap parents and kids in failing schools. I will make per-student spending movable to the school that best serves each child, including lifting caps on public charters, allowing tax-free Education Savings Accounts, and promoting alternatives to government-run schools. Where secular private schools, homeschooling, or cyber-schooling works better for families, the federal government should not stand in the way.


Just Stop

Let’s stop dictating to the world and to individuals how they must live. 

Let’s shrink the size and scope of Washington DC’s power.

You’ll be amazed how much tax money, how much individual liberty, how much human dignity – can be restored when we do.