Scrap the War on Drugs

End the War on Drugs

The War on Drugs violates civil liberties, ruins lives, and corrupts our criminal justice system. The possession and personal use of any substance, in itself, should not be a crime.  Harm reduction policies can reduce drug dependence, stop the spread of drug-use-related diseases, and limit overdose deaths, as proven by decriminalization programs like Portugal’s. Criminalizing drug use makes it harder for people to get help, creates black markets which are more dangerous than the drugs themselves, and encourages organized crime (as we saw under alcohol prohibition). Harm reduction and compassionate rehabilitation provide better results, and cost less, than prosecution and incarceration. 

Demilitarize police: they’re supposed to be a safety patrol, not an occupying army

As president, I will end federal transfer programs that give ‘surplus’ military equipment to local police departments. In addition to well-publicized shootings of unarmed civilians, military-style policing contributes to dozens of needless deaths and injuries, including of children and innocent bystanders. Police activity should protect public safety, not target people who pose no threat to their neighbors. I will also work to limit warrantless surveillance by police, including the use of cell phone monitoring and security footage in violation of constitutional rights. Removing the militarized uniforms, weaponry, and mindset from local police will promote trust between communities and police forces.

Limit Government Surveillance

Whistleblowers and members of the press have revealed a U.S. government conspiracy to collect “bulk data” on American citizens in direct violation of their constitutional rights to privacy and due process. Collecting and cataloguing vast amounts of data on individuals not suspected of any crime is a systemic violation of millions of Americans’ civil liberties by the NSA, the CIA, the FBI, and shared with at least five separate foreign governments. I will pardon the whistleblowers who brought this travesty into the public eye, and offer them all the protections of the Constitution they sacrificed so much to defend.