John Monds Announces List of Pardons

Libertarian Candidate Would Redress Miscarriages of Justice

Cairo, Georgia, February 23, 2020 – John “Million Vote” Monds, candidate for the Libertarian presidential nomination, released his initial list of Presidential Pardons. Should the Georgia native clinch the Presidency, he will grant clemency to the following:

  • Edward Snowden – CIA whistleblower convicted of violations of the Espionage Act
  • Ross Ulbricht – creator of the Silk Road e-commerce website convicted of money laundering and conspiracy charges
  • Leonard Peltier – indigenous rights activist convicted of the murder of two FBI agents
  • Jeremy Hammond – hacker and whistleblower convicted of computer fraud
  • Many of the 81,000 inmates convicted of drug-related crimes

According to their report Mass Incarceration: “The Whole Pie 2019,” the Prison Policy Initiative, a non-profit and non-partisan organization, says that “non-violent drug convictions remain a defining feature of the federal prison system.” They point out that of the 171,000 inmates convicted and incarcerated under control of the Bureau of Prisons, 81,000 involve drugs.

Monds says, “As President, I will have my staff review, for potential pardons, the cases of all inmates incarcerated for non-violent victimless drug-related crimes. I will also review, for possible commutations, all cases of those on probation or parole for non-violent drug offenses. The suffering in these United States caused by the senseless war on drugs has lasted long enough.” Under a John Monds Presidency, the policy of separating families and removing adults from the workforce in order to incarcerate American citizens who have done no harm to others would come to an abrupt end.

Monds’s campaign “anti-platform” prioritizes things the government should STOP doing. Instead of suggesting new policies, Monds will curtail the harms caused by overzealous politicians and regulators. These include:

  1. Stop foreign wars
  2. Stop criminalizing poverty
  3. Stop letting Congress ruin our economic future, and
  4. Stop driving up the cost of being human in America

Monds made history in the 2008 Georgia Public Service Commissioner race when he became the first Libertarian candidate to receive over 1 million votes in the state of Georgia. He made history again in 2010 when he became the first African-American candidate to appear on the ballot for Governor in the state of Georgia. In his various campaigns, Monds has received over 1.8 million votes as a Libertarian candidate in Georgia.

Monds lives in Cairo, Georgia, not far from where his great-great-grandparents were enslaved. He has been married to Dr. Kathaleena Monds for 21 years, sharing four children: Akintunde, Cazembe, Halima, and Malik. Monds earned a degree in Business Administration from Morehouse College with a concentration in Banking and Finance. He has devotedly homeschooled his children, two of whom have received their college degrees. Monds has been active in his community, including roles with Habitat for Humanity, Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc, and the NAACP. He enjoys classic Volkswagens, gardening, and genealogy.

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