John’s Anti-Platform

End the Drug War. Bring the troops home. Cut spending. A platform of things government should STOP doing.

End Foreign Wars

Stop fighting wars based on lies. Bring home the troops – and the drones. Reduce veteran suicides.

Scrap the War on Drugs 

Decriminalize drugs. Free non-violent Federal drug offenders. Demilitarize the police. Limit government surveillance.

Cut Taxes & Federal Spending

Cut government spending. Eliminate federal income tax. Defund abusive agencies. Slash the national debt.

Stop Punishing Poverty

Break down institutional barriers to work, wealth creation, healthcare, education, and housing.

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The goal of ‘a world set free in our lifetime’ won’t be easy, but it will be abundantly worth it. Please give generously if you can – and if you can’t today, share the link with some like-minded friends.

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